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If your here, I'm going to assume that you are ready to enjoy your next event and not work it. All to often we "Hostess with the Mostess" are tied down with the mundane tasks like collecting coats, opening the door for guests, making sure the appetizers don't burn in the oven. And although important, these tasks keep us from ENJOYING OUR GUESTS AND EVENT, right?

Well now you have a chance to throw that Holiday party or charity event without worrying about the small tasks that tend to keep us away from our guests.

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Hospitality is our keynote and service is our .

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We'll take care of the tasks that keep you away from you guests!

Lady of Decorum provides promotional and event staffing services. We supply event staff, catering staff, hospitality staff, bartenders, and hostesses.

Let us Take Care of Your Guests

Here at Lady of Decorum Event Services, we understand that it is not easy to take care of the big tasks and the small ones at the same time when you are hosting an event. We are your helping hand.

Our strengths as a company are that we are able to remain flexible, in order to accommodate the requests of clients, big and small.

Whether you call for planning assistance, staffing, bartending, on-site setup, cleanup, registration, photography, catering or simply a helping hand, we can coordinate all of the above.

What our Customers have to say:

Shane Melaugh

“for the first time, got to enjoy our own party!”

“We have hired Lady of Decorum for two parties at our house and recommend them to all our friends. They are now a part of the tradition of hosting parties at our house! We had two assistants come for each party, the first being our annual holiday cocktail party for 80 and the second being a dinner party for 40. We live in a secure building, and we always had to spend time buzzing people in and straightening up during our parties, which took away time from spending time with our guests! We were also left with a big mess at the end of the evening. But no more! We throw our holiday party every year, and this last one, because of Lady of Decorum, was the best we ever had because we, for the first time, got to enjoy our own party! Lady of Decorum greeted our guests warmly, took their coats and purses, returned with coat check tickets, served drinks, re-stocked drinks and picked up throughout the evening discretely and professionally, and important to us, answered our buzzer every time a guest arrived and buzzed them in. My husband and I threw each other high fives at the end of each of these events, particularly at the end of our first event with this company because they were just what we had needed. We all had a lot more fun, hosts and guests alike. Professional, personable, warm, detailed..

Aubrey A.

Shane Melaugh

“I highly recommend Lady of Decorum.”

“Monica Petit of Lady of Decorum and 2 assistants were wonderful at our Christmas open house. They did a great job of greeting guests, serving beverages and warming and serving hot hors d'oeuvres. They were very professional but were warm and friendly to all of our guests. I highly recommend Lady of Decorum. ”

Marsha C.