The Secret to A Great Event?      
The Right Ingredients

Lady of Decorum Event Services is the ingredient you need to complete your event.

We provide promotional and event staffing services for social and corporate events. We supply event staff, catering staff, hospitality staff, wait staff, bartenders and hostesses. And don't forget about our Vendor Connect referral chain is unmatched!

Why you’ll love Our Staff

Our strengths as a company are that we are able to remain flexible, in order to accommodate the requests of clients, big and small.

We have a diverse staff with diverse backgrounds. All with a love for serving others and seeing an event through from start to finish successfully.

Your Event, Your Way!

Give us your road map and we'll navigate it to success!

Or, if you need a road map, we can connect you to the right ingredients for your event. Our Vendor Connect Program will save you the time and energy that you can put back into your event!

Our Signature Services

Here at Lady of Decorum Event Services, we understand that it is not easy to take care of the big tasks and the small ones at the same time when you are hosting an event. We are your helping hand. Our strengths as a company are that we are able to remain flexible, in order to accommodate the requests of clients, big and small.

Whether you call for planning assistance, staffing, bartending, on-site setup, cleanup, registration, photography, catering or simply a helping hand, we can coordinate all of the above.

DIY Bride

Bartending Service

Vendor Connect

Secure Your Date.

What Our Customers Say...


I often have clients that need additional event staffing assistance and they are unsure of how to find it.

Often those clients think that their coordinator will be able to assist them with event staff tasks. Unfortunately these two roles cannot be effectively combined.

I'm so happy to have found Lady of Decorum! It's great to know there is a professional team out there to assist my clients in all their event needs.

When working with Lady of Decorum we had a flexible, hard working, ready-for-anything team.

I'm so pleased to know about this fantastic resource! The ladies of Lady of Decorum are not only excellent at what they do but they are also a joy to work with.

I will be recommending Lady of Decorum often!

Ileen - Coordinator

Before hiring Lady of Decorum, the running of the event would fall primarily on me. Making everyone happy, seeing everyone was taken care of, etc was my role.

The need to please always takes over, to make it great and successful for my family, as well as party guests. It becomes overwhelming and tiring.

Monica and Laura came in and with very little instruction made sure the food, drink, and cleaning was all under control. My "job" became enjoying the guests and the party!

My husband and I were both able to enjoy the party without having to worry about every little thing. A couple of times, Monica had to remind me to let it go and enjoy. LOL. It was very sweet and honestly the first time I have been able to truly enjoy myself without concern.


I have a new appreciation for what an event staffing group can do to help for events large and small. I would recommend such a service to anyone, and would recommend Lady of Decorum specifically because of the professional way our event was handled. Professional, not stuffy. Kind, considerate, and very effective. A blessing for the day!

Cathy cohen - Hostess/Mother Of the Groom

Mother & Father of the Bride

Lady of Decorum worked the reception for our daughters wedding of 200 guests. They have a very unique service and just what we were looking for. As a way to cut costs, we had food brought in and just needed help in serving it. Monica's professional staff helped by, coordinating the rentals, serving food, bartending, cake cutting, pouring & serving the toast, working with the DJ to keep the reception running smoothly, set up and cleaning. Monica and Lady of Decorum staff exceeded our expectations on many levels. The clean up was the icing on the cake. Just terrific.

Sharon & Chris P.

We've used Monica as a hostess for 3 years in a row now. She takes care of all of our and guests needs by doing numerous tasks from cooking, cleaning, serving, etc. Most importantly she gets us out of the kitchen and we can enjoy the party. It's great to have most of the clean up done before the party is even over!

Tara B.

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